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17 years of marketing related employment history

  • 8 years as the Marketing Executive for a national company with 400 franchises and 3000 customers
  • 2 years as the Marketing Manager of a company during its partnership with TradeMe that created TradeMeMotors
  • Business Development Manager for the top* Internet Search Marketing Company in New Zealand (*top at the time – maybe still is)
  • General Manager / Sales & Marketing Manager of a web design company for 5 years

A true passion for business marketing

  • Founded and still own/operate DriversDay, a boutique driving experience online retailer
  • Founded and still own/operate RaceCam and TrackDayExperience which both centre around motorsport filming services (to fund my track day addiction)
  • Recently founded and are currently building StudentForce, a local flyer delivery service that’s giving students the chance to earn money and learn about business
  • Founded, operated and sold, a web based service that helped small businesses compare multiple web design quotes

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