Free 2 Hour Brainstorming Session

Free 2 Hour Brainstorming Session2018-11-03T04:18:43+00:00

Lets get to know each other better. I’m happy to come and see you for a 2 hour brainstorming session.

In 2 hours we can talk about where you’re at with your marketing and what your current goals are.

I’ll bring along a big list of marketing techniques and tools and we’ll make a list of the top 5 things your business should be doing next.

If there’s an opportunity for me to help you moving forward then GREAT! If not, we’ve both made a new friend and maybe we’ll work together in the future.

Free things all monthly clients get:

  1. FREE Monthly Website Ranking Reports. Monitor your rankings for the important searches your target customers are doing on Google.
  2. FREE Monthly Website Analytics Reports. Find out where your website visitors come from and what they do on your website.
  3. Invoices itemised by task and time. Get itemised task/time reports with all invoices so you’ll never have to wonder what I do for you.

Book your free 2 hour session now:

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