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15 years of marketing related employment history

  • 8 years as the Marketing Executive for a national company with 400 franchises and 3000 customers

  • 2 years as the Marketing Manager of a company during its partnership with TradeMe that created TradeMeMotors

  • Business Development Manager for the top* Internet Search Marketing Company in New Zealand (*top at the time – maybe still is)

  • General Manager / Sales & Marketing Manager of a web design company for 5 years


I spent 8 years as the Marketing Executive for CrestClean, a national company with more than 500 franchises and over 4000 customers. Working alongside the Marketing Director, we managed a million dollar budget and created the marketing for both the franchise sales and customer acquisition sides of the business.

My role involved (among many other things) managing campaigns for the Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, direct mail and towards the end, TV. Although we did bring on an agency for the TV ads, basically everything else we did ourselves.

We also held No.1 Google rankings nationally for all the top industry keywords for the entire time I was in service, and I managed local Internet presences and advertising for all 20 of their regional Master Franchisees.


With my Internet background, I was hired as the Marketing Manager of Autobase in Auckland. Autobase was one of New Zealand’s first vehicle trading websites; in fierce competition with AutoTrader.

That is until a young, but already very popular website called TradeMe decided they wanted to create TradeMeMotors, and wanted to partner with Autobase to supply the dealer’s listings. The rest is history.

My role was to market to the car dealers the opportunity to advertise on TradeMe. That might sound easy now, but in a world where the Autotrader magazine was the bible for used car sales, TradeMe Motors was untested media and many were initially hesitant.

Working closely with the company directors and a small in-house telesales team we managed to grow the dealer base significantly and blew AutoTrader out of the water.

TradeMe went on to acquire Autobase, and seems to be doing okay without me.


For a short period I took a sales role with the top Internet Search Marketing Company in New Zealand (top at the time – maybe still is).

Talk about blowing my mind!

Seeing the results these pioneer Internet Marketers were getting for their clients really opened my eyes. I thought I knew a few things about digital marketing, but this was next level stuff. SEO implementation documents hundreds of pages long outlining every element of a website’s structure and digital marketing campaigns.

While I enjoyed working with a digital marketing company and learning the cutting edge techniques, sales wasn’t my thing anymore, so I started looking for a marketing role again.


This was a time when most businesses were still saying “I don’t think I need a website… what does the Internet do?”.

In my role as General Manager / Marketing Manager / Salesperson / Production Manager; I grew the web design revenue from zero to $250,000 pa.

At the time I was obsessed with business ‘self help’ books like the E-Myth, so I created a complete turn-key sales and production system with a comprehensive manual that allowed us to operate several contract sales people in Tauranga and Rotorua.

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