3 Strategies for Online Review Generation

After talking to a lot of local businesses about how they get reviews, I’ve seen that hey all have groups of people they’ve identified that can potentially give them reviews.

Three main strategies seemed to be common among many businesses.

1. Current Customers (within a few months old)

This ones pretty obvious. Once your customer has completed a sale with you, email them a link to your review funnel.

2. Past Customers (older that a few months)

Start with last months customers and do a month at a time going further into your past. You’ll need to adjust the wording of your email to suit.

3. Customers the have given you a Testimonial in the past

Most businesses have a bunch of testimonials they’ve collected over the years.

Unfortunately unless they’re connected to someone’s social media profile, people tend to ignore them as fake.

Take the old testimonial, past it into an email to the person who wrote it.

Ask them if they would mind simply pasteing it into their favourite social media platform.

All this hinges on you having a good review funnel.

The system you have to direct people to the right place and make it easy for them to leave the review.

That’s where we come in. Get in touch and I’ll run you through what we can offer in managing your review growth and leveraging your reviews into other parts of your marketing.

A final tip. Don’t email too many customers at once. Too many reviews in a short timeframe can be seen as fake. If Google thinks you’re reviews are growing unnaturally, it may penalise you.

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