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Hi, I’m Dan Angland

Do you want an experienced Marketing Manager in your business from only $500 per month?

Someone who’ll learn about your specific business environment and challenges. One of the team, working alongside you to build your business and achieve your goals.

With 18 years experience in traditional and digital marketing roles and running my own small businesses, I can increase your profits by making your marketing perform better for you.

Give me a call today, or book a free, no obligation 2 hour brainstorming session.

Dan Angland
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Dan Angland

Why so cheap?

$500 is my minimum monthly contract, and for that you’ll get 10 hours of marketing output. My rate is 2 or even 3 times cheaper than other consultants because it’s a monthly contract, not a job-by-job rate.

My clients commit to a level they’re comfortable with, and I work through a list of tasks the business needs, keeping to that budget each month.

Career highlights:

  • 8 years as the Marketing Executive for a national NZ brand.

  • Founded several profitable ecommerce ventures.

  • Founded and sold a Tauranga based leaflet design and distribution company providing part time ‘first jobs’ for over 80 students.

  • Filmed and produced a ‘Track Day Tour’ video around all the South Island motorsport circuits.

Google Ads Certified Individual

Certified in Advanced Google Analytics

Free 2 hour Brainstorming Session

No obligation. Lets get to know each other better.

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